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If one day you wake up
and I’m gone
don’t cry, don’t grieve
don’t write paragraphs about
how much you loved me
when I was alone in my
darkest hours, you weren’t
the one that would stay up
at night to make sure I was alright,
don’t say I was a wonderful girl
and wonder how people could
be so cruel,
because on some ways,
you were the reason I might’ve
took my own life that night

t.f. (via kissedby-suicide)


Skylar Grey- Invisible




I’m sorry I have depression, I’m sorry I cry all of the time, I’m sorry I’m so negative, I’m sorry I’m not attractive, I’m sorry for being stupid, I’m sorry that I was born; I’m sorry I’m not enough.
I’m sorry.

**Warning- this blog is triggering**

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Reblog this if you have a disability and you are willing to answer any questions anyone may have about said disability.

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i was reading through my journal and i found this one page and it broke me

fuck him.

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